The “Not the Club Championship” Championship

To provide a bit of fun, and incentive to get out running over the next few months, members are invited to complete as many of the challenges listed below before the 22 Jan 21.

Super-duper prizes of some form will be awarded based on qualitative and quantitative assessment by the organising committee/cabal. The criteria for prizes will be complex, controversial, ambiguous and, to be honest, have not yet been determined; they will however recognise enthusiasm, endeavour, humour and originality as much as, if not more than, running ability. If clarity, certainty and transparency are what you are after, then please look elsewhere! In sum, anyone could top the “league”. The judges decisions will be final and probably wrong; there will be no route for appeal though.

When completing the challenges apply and follow whatever Covid-19 restrictions are in place on the date you complete them. For now the challenges will have to be done solo, with a running buddy or a family bubble. Hopefully restrictions will ease and permit more social outings at some point before 22 Jan.

Information of the challenges is provided below. They do not have to be done discreetly; some could be combined and done in a single outing. Please address any questions about the challenges, routes etc to:

Record the challenges as you go and when done complete the form here by 22 Jan 21. Do as few or as many as you like, or are able to. If you are on Facebook please post and share your progress with other folk via the club’s FB page.

Challenge Description

  1. 5km Handicap (see below for details)
  2. Participate in one of Andrew Wood’s virtual Strength and Conditioning Sessions
  3. Run under a Full Moon*
  4. 100m Dash (vertical)**
  5. Carl’s Corsham 10km Lottery Run (see below for details)
  6. Visit a trig point on a run***
  7. Go for a run on New Years Day
  8. Canter round the Castle Combe away run route
  9. Complete Jane Clarke’s CRC Christmas Lights Challenge – details to follow separately
  10. Slaughterford 9 Prediction Run (see below for details)
  11. Do one minute of squats every day for seven days
  12. Become a Strava Local Legend
  13. Complete a sunrise (and/or sunset) run on the Winter Solstice, Mon 21 Dec 20
  14. Do a run in your favourite and/or oldest event vest/t-shirt/top
  15. Write an article about one of the above challenges, or anything else running related that takes your fancy, for Carl Zalek to publish on the club website
  16. In lieu of an “entry/admin fee” make a donation to a charity of your choice

* Full Moon dates are: 30th November; 30th December; 28th January
**Accumulate 100m of vertical ascent in the shortest distance. For example, ”The Sting” / aka “The Steep Bit (Stile to Stile)” on Strava is 49m of vertical ascent; you would need to complete it twice with a little bit extra to bag a 100m. Other hills are available
***There are a number of “trig points” in the local area: Wadswick; Castle Combe; Little Solsbury Hill; and, Bannerdown. If you are unsure what a trig point is and/or need specific location information contact

5km Handicap Run

  1. Plan your 5K running route. You can do this anywhere at any time. Run on the street, across the fields, around the garden, up and down your hallway or on the dreadmill, As long as it is 5k (3.1 miles in old money) and starts & finishes at the same point it counts. Not sure how to measure your route? There are multiple sites for doing this; eg Sports route planner UK. Runners, walkers, cyclists – map your routes.
  2. Run and Time your 5k. Run your chosen route and time it. Don’t need a fancy watch or app, but these help, an old fashioned stopwatch is fine, as long as you know it was definitely 5k and was timed accurately.
  3. Go to this form and fill in your details.
  4. Repeat 1-3. Yep do it all again but this time push harder and try and improve your time. When submitting the form again please use the same name and email address as you did for your previous runs so we can match them up.
  5. It is as simple as that. We will then keep track of your improvement by comparing your first run to your last and give you a percentage increase. Biggest percentage increase is the winner. Don’t cheat; Father Christmas (and the cabal) will know and penalise you accordingly.

Slaughterford 9 Prediction Run

Predict in advance your time to get round the Slaughterford 9 course (as slow or as fast as you like) and enter it in the form here before you run it. Then run the course, without looking at your watch at any time (this is important) and upload your finishing time via this form. The winner is the person who runs closest to their predicted time. Remember Father Christmas/the cabal is always watching so don’t cheat yourself; it’s just some running fun.

Carl’s Corsham 10km Lottery Run

Run the Corsham 10km route and forward your finish time to Carl Zalek,, along with a number of your choice between 1 and 100. That number will align to a “randomly” allocated 10km finish time. Whoevers’ actual time ends up closest to their randomly allocated time wins (with a “wooden spoon” to the furthest away).