Postponement of Corsham 10K and 2K

The Corsham 10K scheduled for 26 April 20 was deferred to October 20 due to the pandemic and once again was deferred to 25 April 21 for the same reason. We are now in the position where Covid restrictions have been extended and there is no knowing whether they will be relaxed by April 21. The likelihood is that the restrictions on mass gatherings will still be in place and even if they have been relaxed many people may still be uncomfortable attending mass gatherings.

Accordingly the decision has now been made to defer once again the Event to 26 September 21 when it is hoped things may be normalised. We considered other options, but felt that it’s the other competitors and the supporters which make the Corsham 10K special.

Of course we realise that this may not be desirable or possible for some entrants and a refund of 70% of the entry fee will be provided upon request for those that wish to withdraw. We are sorry for the shortfall but hope entrants who choose this option will understand that we have incurred costs already and the process of refunding also encounters costs. Another option if you are unable to take part is to cancel your entry and donate the balance to our chosen charity, Wiltshire Air Ambulance.

We regret having to take this course of action and believe postponement is the best way forward as it preserves the prospect of a truly competitive event.
Likewise, the 2K has been postponed twice and the situation is similarly uncertain for April 2021. So, because of this and because it occurs hand in hand with the 10K, it has also been decided to plan to hold this event on 26 September 21.

However, the rescheduling will happen in a slightly different way. Because of the age of the entrants, and because 18 months is a comparatively long time over which many things may have changed or will change, the current entrant list will be cancelled and a date for new registrations will be announced in due course. Many children will have changed age group, some will have passed the upper age limit, others will have become eligible and individual interests and preferences may have changed.

Of course, some expense has already been incurred, and so we hope you understand why we say that the refund will be 70% (i.e. £3.50), made automatically. You also have the option to donate your fee to our chosen charity, Wiltshire Air Ambulance.

We do, of course, regret that we must take this course of action, but look forward to the prospect of a safe and exciting race next September.