COVID-19 Important Information – 16 March 2020

Following the government’s statement this afternoon, Corsham Running Club are announcing the immediate suspension of all club sessions until further notice.

Due to the advice of limiting social gatherings, please do not use the club Facebook Group to promote or organise group runs.

Please do keep in touch with those that you run with at club, as for many it is their social link.

This is not a situation any of us want, look out for further updates and we will be back as soon as we can.

Everyone’s health must come first.

Virtual Bowood 10K Race Report by Toni Cliffe

With the current world climate as it is, I had to complete my Virtual Bowood 10k alone. I had already completed a virtual run with Gary Young and Caroline Cozier earlier in the month, we ran together with Katie and decided we would do the same with Bowood, not realising the run would be solo.

We agreed 0800, however Caroline wanted to break up the day so went later. I hate running solo, I find it hard to muster up the motivation and I have never listened to music whilst running.

It was very quiet, met a couple of dog walkers who said hi, I then passed a cyclist and he shouted Happy birthday from a distance (he was my friends husband!) as I approached Langley Burrell, I knew it was down hill through the village. I kept looking at my Garmin to see if I had reached halfway point so I could turn round.

As I turned round to go back I started to think about all our recent training sessions, I thought of the driving arms and helium balloon, I thought of Biggsy’s demonstration during the RAMP part of our training (I had a chuckle!) and I thought of Brian EA coach, encouraging us to keep going if we are feeling knackered to get the results we want! And I was wondering whether Gary would beat me!

As I made my way back, I was plotting where I could run to ensure the last couple of miles were downhill, that long incline at the end of the chippenham half route was one I didn’t want to tackle, so made a detour and managed a very respectively time (for me anyway!) best 10k time in a while.
although I was unable to join my fellow runners, I was still as determined to get a good time which surprised me cos, did you know, I really don’t like running solo!
Good luck to all those solo runners out there, and hang on to what we still have!

Weekly Review – Week Ending 5th April

We’re still here and we’re still churning out the miles. Again this week we had exactly 100 different runners, running everything between 2 and 52 miles for a total of 1,767 miles. We had 7 runners who went out at least 7 times.

Leading the way timewise was Lucy Gillett who did a single run of 45 hours. It’s on Strava so it definitely happened!

The main event of the week was Jane Clarke leading an exercise regime and for the first time ever, being told she was too quiet. It was a great session and while it’s difficult to know exact number I estimate between 50-60 different people watching in total. We know who the real star of the show was.

I have recieved 4 race reports in the last couple of weeks and will be posting one each every Tuesday and Thursday so if you want to write a few words about a race you’ve run or indeed anything else that is running related like a book or film review then please send it to me.

Weekly Review – Week Ending 29th March

It’s a club championship weekend with the Bowood 10K but sadly the race didn’t happen.

We had exactly 100 runners this week clocking up an incredible 1,868 miles in 356 activities. 5 people managed to run 7 times this week, and another one ran more than that. I will just assume that the extra runs were all done before 20:30 on Monday as we’re all following the once a day guidelines.

The Bowood 10K organisers have allowed runners to claim their medals with a virtual 10K (just run one anywhere) and some took the opportunity. Jane Tunnicliffe, Caroline Cozier and Gary Young did it together (with suitable social distancing). It was a PB for Michael Fisher and Disco too.

Some people love parkrun and find it difficult to miss it, like Richard Biggs who organised their own; the inaugural Gastard parkrun and others like Stuart Henderson just run numerous laps around the garden until the Garmin reaches 3.1 miles.

Despite there being no races, our Facebook page had been busy. Becky Townsend took the chance for us all to think about why we started running. Some of the reasons

  • Entering a race and needing to train
  • Other friends ran (and were able to eat cake)
  • To fit into wedding dresses, or regain a body lost to children
  • To get fit or fitter
  • Saw CRC advertising beginners course

Whatever your reason for putting on your running shoes, we’re glad that you did and we’re glad that you joined us.

Christine Bott asked for photos which reminded us of why we love CRC and there were some great photos – Races, events, friends, trophies, food, sun and smiles, lots and lots of smiles!

While there were lots of smiles in the photos shared, we know that some of you may be struggling with isolation. Please reach out to your friends or the committee if you need any help. We’re all here for each other.

Gloucester 20 Report – Chris Nutt

The race was well organised and functional as opposed to flash, with stewards, runners and all, respectful of the conditions in which it took place – I suspect numbers were down. The weather was typical for this winter – atrocious but this didn’t really dampen the energy and enthusiasm of those running and those cheering them on and backing things up.

The course is a good one for those preparing for a marathon as the main purpose it serves at this time of year; a couple of slightly slower rises getting on for around 700ft in total over the three lap circuit but otherwise fairly flat. Despite not getting in any longer runs (I only managed one run of 16 miles in the run up) by way of preparation and fully expecting to fade badly at the end I was very pleased to maintain a fairly steady pace across my split times and came in on 2:34:22 chip time with which I was very pleased – any real speed endurance is a thing of the past for me now, so its all about expectation management in my mind these days. I would definitely recommend the event, small enough to be easily navigated but serious enough to be well worthwhile!

Weekly Review – Week Ending 22nd March

No races this week, no races for the foreseeable future so we’ve obviously all been staying home this week. Nah, of course not. According to Strava 90 of us have done 1,479 miles this week in 270 runs.

And as the rain has stopped and the sun has shone, the views have been lovely.

We would like to thank members for being responsible and following the advice to stay safe and well themselves and for their friends and families. Please continue to stay healthy and active and resist the urge to post any runs planned in case it encourages others to join you but as always we love to hear what you have been doing to keep fit and active, photos are an added bonus.
As Jerry Springer used to say – Look after yourselves…And each other!

Weekly Review – Week Ending 15th March

No idea how long we’re going to have races for but there will still a couple that survived.Andrew Wood was running in Welsh hills again with the Ras Yr Aran race. 10 miles of fell running, just for a change.

The Bath Half went ahead and while some decided against getting up close and personal with thousands of other runners, taking on a virtual run instead. We still had maybe 10 runners in the actual event.David Bethune has been training hard and it paid off with a PB for him. Wendy Byrne also got the benefit of a good training block and I’m sure there were others too, well done to all whether you pounded the streets of Bath or did the event virtually.

We also had Chris Nutt doing the Gloucester 20 in a little over 2 1/2 hours. An excellent time.

During the week, we also had a full moon which meant a full moon run on Tuesday as we did a 6 mile loop from Monkton Farleigh, which took in Brown’s Folly.

Don’t forget that we are temporarily meeting at 6:55 on Tuesdays and Thursdays outside of Springfield.