Training Routes

Lighter Evenings

During the summer months routes for regular club nights are picked on the night. This allows for far more diversity as routes can be planned dependent upon weather. We have some wonderfully scenic routes around Corsham and we like to run them as often as possible!

In addition, during the summer months we hold several away runs. There is no run from our usual location but instead we encourage everyone to attend the chosen host venue. These are great social occasions so please keep an eye out for details and check out route and venue details on our Away Run page.

Darker Evenings

Due to the dark evenings and with safety in mind, we limit our runs to the routes listed below. The reason for this is that they have been identified as some of the better-lit roads with pavements around Corsham. Some have optional extra loops that can be added or subtracted dependent upon desired route length.

All routes will be run either clockwise or anticlockwise

Group A Winter Route (7 Miles/11.3 KM)

Group B Winter Route (5.8 Miles/9.4 KM)

Group C Winter Route (4.3 Miles/7 KM)

NB. 3 Mile Group choose a suitable loop on the night.

An alternative for Tempo sessions and 1 Mile Efforts could be the Hudswell loop. This will also be used for our Meet and Greet sessions as it is well lit and wide enough to accommodate all of our groups.

Hudswell Loop (0.9 Miles)

During the darker months, please wear high visibility and reflective running gear as an absolute minimum. Flashing arm/leg bands and head torches are also highly recommended and can be purchased pretty reasonably. If you’re unsure what to buy or would like recommendations then please ask a friendly club member for recommendations or post on our Facebook group.

It’s in everyone’s interest that when you are running you are easily seen.