Membership Information

Thank you for joining Corsham Running Club. Whether you’re renewing your membership or signing up for the first time, we welcome you to the club. We can help meet a variety of objectives which may include specific running goals, getting into shape, or having company on your runs. This page contains information about the club, which we hope you’ll find interesting and informative, even if you’ve been a member for many years.

About Us
To learn more about our history and how we cane to be, please take a look at our About page.

Benefits of Membership
Some benefits of membership include:

  • You will be able to run in a structured group that will aim to cater for your ability
  • By being a member you contribute to the ongoing success of the club
  • You will be able to obtain a discount on England Athletics registered races
  • You will be registered with England Athletics which allows you to compete for the Club in any competition
  • You will obtain public liability insurance as part of your EA membership
  • Full details of EA benefits can be found here on their website. There are also links available here to your individual membership portal

The running club have a committee that look after the interests of the club and to ensure that it is great place to run, improve and have fun. More information on the committee members can be found on our Committee page. If you’d like to contact any of the committee members please either approach them on a club night or use our Contact form and someone will be in touch.

Social Media
Corsham Running Club is active on social media and we have a dedicated Facebook page, a Facebook group and also a Twitter account. Our website is constantly updated and we post news and club information directly to this website. We also have a Strava club for members which is a great platform to share your training and races amongst friends so please join us there too.

Club Kit
The club has its own kit and club colours which can be used for club nights but more specifically for races and events. The range can be viewed, ordered and purchased here.

Running Routes
For most club sessions we use the streets and lanes in and around Corsham. There are various routes available and club aims to ensure that the routes are well lit and safe especially during the winter months. During the spring and summer we have more flexibility in the routes we choose and we are able to run off road in the surrounding countryside. The club also offers an number of ‘Away Runs’ during the summer months where we run on routes away from Corsham. Further information of the training offered can be found here and the schedules currently in place are shown here.

Running Kit
The club highly recommends the wearing of ‘Hi Viz’ clothing during the dark evenings and the use of head torches of possible. This ensures the safety of the individual whilst running in the dark but also the other members within the group. Whilst the club will do everything in its power to ensure the safety of its runners, there is a personal responsibility to make sure that you turn up in the right kit for the conditions, especially during the winter.

Running Etiquette & Safety

When running with the group please following the guidelines below, out of courtesy to others and safety for yourself and others.

  • Follow the Highway Code
  • Be aware of the traffic and obstacles around you: this means not covering your ears
  • Always take instructions from the group leader
  • When running on your own, run on the right to face oncoming traffic, except on bends with bad sight lines when you should run on the outside of the bend (cross well clear of the bend)
  • When running in a group run on the left with look-outs ahead and behind on the outside of bends with bad sight lines
  • Cross the road as a group, where possible don’t string out across the road
  • Particularly in the dark beware of holes, kerbs, bollards, roots and tarmac lifted by tree roots, and poorly levelled or slippery gratings and chamber covers
  • Warn fellow runners of hazards you perceive
  • Use footpaths at all times where possible
  • Be aware of pedestrians particularly when running up behind people: it can be scary when a group of heavy breathing individuals run up out of nowhere behind you
  • Be respectful to other road users and pedestrians at all times
  • Leave enough space between you and the runner in front in case of a change of direction (including that caused by tripping!) or stopping for traffic
  • If you are ahead of the group please ‘loop back’ for the runners behind you. This will ensure the group stays together and will ensure that everyone in the group is getting the best from their run
  • If you decide to turn back early ensure the group leader is informed

The club is always on the lookout for volunteers for our social events, to help out with the running groups and also to serve on the committee. If you are interested in getting involved, please approach a committee member in the first instance.

The club offers discounts to club members at different establishments in and around Corsham. Further details can be found here. If you know of any additional discounts or would like to offer a discount to our members then please send an enquiry using the Contact form.