Club Championship

The next Club Championship race is:

Location When Summary Description
Greystones, Bromham, Chippenham SN15 2JT, UK December 3, 2017 Bromham Pudding Run - Unconfirmed Date  


Each year we run a club competition between the members of Corsham Running Club. The results are split between our male and female runners and a separate results table is kept for each. We nominate a number of races over the course of the year that are eligible to score you points (based on a few factors detailed below). Many of the selected races will line up with the Wiltshire Road Race League (WRRL). Take a look at our Club Championship Races page for full details. You can also check out the current standings on our Results page.

It really is a fun and social way to get into running competitive races with your fellow Corsham Running Club runners and a great way to try new races and possibly even new distances. These events are usually well attended by our members (both experienced and inexperienced alike). Please come along to one of the races and try it for yourself – you won’t regret it! If the rumours are to be believed then there may even be some post-race Prosecco and cake… and who doesn’t like Prosecco and cake?

The rules are quite simple, to score points you must:

  • Wear a Corsham Running Club vest or t-shirt (club kit)
  • Be a fully paid up member of the club for the year of competition (membership)

Points are awarded as follows:

  • 20 points will be awarded to the best result after age-grading, 19 points to 2nd best and so on until everyone gets 5 points for entering a championship race
  • It is your best 8 races that score you points. With 15+ events in the championship you have plenty of chances to get as many points as possible

If you have any questions, queries or suggestions for races to be included in a forthcoming Club Championship year then please speak to one of our club captains.