Weekly Review – Week Ending 5th April

We’re still here and we’re still churning out the miles. Again this week we had exactly 100 different runners, running everything between 2 and 52 miles for a total of 1,767 miles. We had 7 runners who went out at least 7 times.

Leading the way timewise was Lucy Gillett who did a single run of 45 hours. It’s on Strava so it definitely happened!

The main event of the week was Jane Clarke leading an exercise regime and for the first time ever, being told she was too quiet. It was a great session and while it’s difficult to know exact number I estimate between 50-60 different people watching in total. We know who the real star of the show was.

I have recieved 4 race reports in the last couple of weeks and will be posting one each every Tuesday and Thursday so if you want to write a few words about a race you’ve run or indeed anything else that is running related like a book or film review then please send it to me.