Weekly Review – Week Ending 29th March

It’s a club championship weekend with the Bowood 10K but sadly the race didn’t happen.

We had exactly 100 runners this week clocking up an incredible 1,868 miles in 356 activities. 5 people managed to run 7 times this week, and another one ran more than that. I will just assume that the extra runs were all done before 20:30 on Monday as we’re all following the once a day guidelines.

The Bowood 10K organisers have allowed runners to claim their medals with a virtual 10K (just run one anywhere) and some took the opportunity. Jane Tunnicliffe, Caroline Cozier and Gary Young did it together (with suitable social distancing). It was a PB for Michael Fisher and Disco too.

Some people love parkrun and find it difficult to miss it, like Richard Biggs who organised their own; the inaugural Gastard parkrun and others like Stuart Henderson just run numerous laps around the garden until the Garmin reaches 3.1 miles.

Despite there being no races, our Facebook page had been busy. Becky Townsend took the chance for us all to think about why we started running. Some of the reasons

  • Entering a race and needing to train
  • Other friends ran (and were able to eat cake)
  • To fit into wedding dresses, or regain a body lost to children
  • To get fit or fitter
  • Saw CRC advertising beginners course

Whatever your reason for putting on your running shoes, we’re glad that you did and we’re glad that you joined us.

Christine Bott asked for photos which reminded us of why we love CRC and there were some great photos – Races, events, friends, trophies, food, sun and smiles, lots and lots of smiles!

While there were lots of smiles in the photos shared, we know that some of you may be struggling with isolation. Please reach out to your friends or the committee if you need any help. We’re all here for each other.