Weekly Review – Week Ending 10th November

A very quiet weekend with only 3 members racing. Luckily we had a club championship event on Thursday evening as 12 people made their way to the outskirts of Bristol for the Dark River 5 miler. 5 miles of mud, hills and mist in the dark, all to the tune of Tawny Owls calling.CRC brought home numerous trophies. John Wilmott was 3rd overall (and made the group photo again), Debra Kearsey was the fastest vet 50 (where Jane Tunnicliffe and Lois Norcott were 3rd and 4th). Marie Vinolo-Young was 3rd lady overall, coming not far behind Laura Midwinter who was the first lady, picking up her 5th trophy in 5 weeks.Michael Fisher ran the Gower Half Marathon in Wales, definitely not a course to gain a PB if his time is anything to go by. 2:24 starting off in torrential rain and finishing under sunny skies.Despite going to university, it’s good to see John Hible still representing us as he did the Milton Keynes Cross Challenge.Annika Davidson did the Sodbury Slog on Sunday. Starting at 11:05 after a 2 minute silence for Remembrance Sunday, runners have 10 miles of mud to contend with. At the end you get possibly the best race t-shirt around.The image is from 2017And finally, a big thanks to the 18 people who assisted at the Neston Firework display. A reciprocal arrangement with the school where they provide marshalls for our 10K.

Weekly Review – Week Ending 3rd November

It’s wet and it’s windy which means it’s definitely November and that means that it’s our latest club championship event – Over the Hills, run by our friends from AVR. We had 15 members running and conditions were so treacherous that the race went over the bridge rather than through the river at the bottom of Iford manor. I’m sure everyone was gutted by that decision. One of our members did manage to pick up a prize and I’m sure it won’t come as a surprise to anyone that it was Laura Midwinter taking home the V45. Congratulations again.

Mark Cortaville ran the Marlow Half Marathon where it has a local reputation as a really tough one and anything under 1:45 is seen as an excellent which Mark managed that with about 7 minutes to spare.

And the only other racer this weekend was Chris Hunt at the Gloucester 24 hour track race. Yes, that is as bad as it sounds, 24 hours around a 400 metre track and in Gloucester! The track has history though as in 1982, it was the home of the 24 hour world record and what is still the current British record of 170.974 miles (274.48 km). Chris wasn’t aiming for a record though, his plan was to get to 100 miles, something he’s tried previously but not quite achieved. 100 miles would be 402.25 laps and Chris’ tactic was to just keep moving and never to sit down. After 23 hours and 6 minutes, Chris decided not to go any further having managed 405 laps! An extra 2.75 laps just to make sure and an official distance of 100.66 miles/162km. Huge congratulations to you Chris.

Weekly Review – Week Ending 27th October

Unlike me our runners never rest.

The latest club championship event took place in Calne with the clock change challenge 10K. 15 runners from CRC took part and at least 8 of them got a PB.

Dave Townsend by over 90 seconds, Richard Moore, James Shaw, Lois Norcott and Chris Cooke. John Wilmott went under 40 minutes for the first time, although isn’t in the photo again. Laura Midwinter got a PB while winning the V45 category (where Vicky Henderson was second). Jake Gregory was aiming for 55 minutes and was nearly 2 minutes quicker than that. And while Chris Hunt didn’t get a PB he did his first race under 7 minute mile pace for many a year.

5 of our members had also raced the spring version of this event, with Lois Norcott (4:09), Chris Hunt (1:24) and James Shaw (2:24) all being quicker with Pete Allen and John Voyez marginally slower by only 5 and 1 second each.

If I was to say 10 miles and 1,500 feet of climbing at the Stickler, you’d immediately think of the Mackies and probably Debra Kearsey and if I was to say it was in Dorset too then you’d probably add Richard Biggs in too and you’d be perfectly correct as the 4 of them did the Dorset Stickler.

They may have moved on from Corsham but the Luffs are still members and did their local half marathon at Stroud. And in Max’s words – No finishing times that either of us are particularly proud of but…Michael & I got out, started & finished the Stroud HM today. Sometimes you just have to be grateful to be able to take part!

In another game of guess who, the clues are Exmoor Half Marathon, was actually around 14 miles, lots of big hills again and it included a mandatory kit. I’m sure you’ve correctly guessed that it was Andrew Wood who took part in it. Well done to him and also to you if you guessed correctly.

Marie Vinolo-Young ran with her JMS crew friends but I think we can forgive that as she gets them to run our races. This time she was doing the DB Max Mud Nation, 5kms of mud and obstacles in just over an hour.

Weekly Review – Week Ending 20th October

It’s been another champion weekend for CRC.

Laura Midwinter took Marie Vinolo-Young with her to her home town of Barrow to take on the Abbey Ascent, a 6 hour looped event of 5K. You do as many loops as you can in the 6 hours.

And they both bought trophies home for 1st and 2nd lady as they both completed 10 laps (31.07 miles, so their first ultras too) in just under the 6 hours. They were 2nd and 3rd overall as 4 ladies finished in the top 6.

At Abingdon Marathon we had two runners and both of them got a PB. Mark Cortaville took 12 minutes off his time to come in just over 3:35 and Nick Maryon just missed out on a sub-4 by 20 seconds but still a PB.

Christopher Siggery also got a marathon PB as he did his first – The Dramathon. A nice jaunt around 8 Whisky distilleries in the highlands, and it netted you possibly the best goody bag I’ve ever seen. Unlike the Medoc marathon, you don’t get to try the Whisky until you’ve finished.

3 of our runners travelled to Minehead for the Exmoor Stagger. 16 miles and 3,600ft of ascent, mean this isn’t a race for the faint-hearted. All 3 of our runners finished in the top half of the race.

Andrew Wood had a change from his usual lumpy run by doing a flat 5K on roads. Nah, only kidding, he did the Yorkshire 3 peaks ultra. A 70k run, up and down 3 mountains in the Yorkshire Dales national park in just under 12 hours. Unfortunately he hasn’t shared any photos on Facebook so no mountain scenery in the weekly review this week.

Darren Thorley did the Great South Run for the 3rd consecutive year and improved his time again. He did 1:15 in 2017, 1:14 in 2018 and is down to 1:13 for this year. If he keeps up this progression he’ll win the race at some point in the future. Good luck Darren.

Weekly Review – Week Ending 13th October

This was definitely a week for pushing out of your comfort zone.

We had 6 runners taking part in the Run With No Witty Name 50K. 3 of them were Becky Townsend, Helen Ashworth and John Ashworth. All of whom were doing their first ultra.

This photo is before they started and got soaked through.

Also testing themselves were Craig Rumble and David Warren at the Snowdon Ultra. 50 miles of hills and rocks and hills and mud and hills and weather and hills. They ran together and finished in equal 19th place.

Damian Hall was also running around the hills, coming 2nd at the Lakes in a Day ultra. This was also 50 miles of hills and rocks and mud.

Just going further or going up and down big hills isn’t the only way to test yourself and we had some fantastic performances at shorter distances too.

First up was Laura Midwinter, who came 1st at the AVR Wiltshire Half Marathon and set a PB. Laura is going to need an extension to the mantelpiece soon.

Dave Townsend also took part in a half marathon at the Windsor Lakeside around the Olympic Rowing Lake at Eton Dorney. He just missed out on a PB, but a great run all the same.

There was also a narrow miss of a PB for Katharine Burrett at the Grittleton 10K. Lois Norcott (54:07) and Rebecca Edwards (48:13) did both get a PB.

Thursday night saw another chance for people to move out of their comfort zone as we had the full moon run from Bradford-on-Avon. Of course, Lois Norcott and Katharine Burrett joined us for the first time, hopefully we’ll see them again next month with many other new people as we run from Heddington.

Weekly Review – Week Ending 6th October

Corsham Running Club has pulled together yet again to help put on a running event at the Marshfield Mudlark.

David Bethune has been the race director for many years and always puts on a great event. With the preceding weeks of rain, the course certainly lived up to the mud part of the name but David had managed to find the only sunny day available and the spectacular views could be appreciated by all.

Only 3 runners from Corsham were involved but many, many more volunteers helped the smooth running, well done to everyone.

It was a family affair again for Richard Biggs as he ran the same event as his daughter Caty for the second week running. This time they were at the Cardiff half marathon, where CRC were also represented by Gareth Evan’s.

The Bournemouth running festival saw two of our members at the marathon as Ade Hurren finished in just over 3:10 (only 3 minutes behind the M55 winner) ad Jo Gill timed her finish to perfection at 3:59:56.

Also at Bournemouth there was a PB for Timothy Wilen in the half marathon of 1:34:30.

And that was not the only PB of the weekend as Charlie Berry finished the Cricklade 10K in 50:22. I’m sure it won’t be long before breaking the 50 minute barrier.

Also in running action this week we had Daniel Parker at the Westbury 10K and Chris Hunt at the Saltmarsh Ultra 75k (although just over 80 in reality).

This week also saw the first week of our transition month at training sessions where the emphasis is on encouraging people to try the next group up if they feel they want to. Many people did and it was a successful couple of evenings. Hopefully more people will keep trying it and increase their confidence.

And finally, it has been said before that CRC are a food and drink club that likes a spot of running. This would explain why 15 people jumped at the chance to have a short run around Holt followed by a tour of the Box Steam Brewery who support our 10K and Hazelbury Hurrah! events.

Organised by David Mackie, the event went down well although not as well as the taster samples.

Weekly Review – Week Ending 29th September

We’re back to a regular weekly review this week.

Starting at the Devizes 10K which was a club championship event. We had 12 runners there setting some excellent times, leading the way for Corsham were John Wilmott and David Mackie, not far behind them were Vicky Henderson (I’m counting her as CRC already) and Laura Midwinter who were 3rd and 4th lady overall.

At the Salisbury half marathon, Dave Townsend achieved a 2.5 minute PB of 1:37:26. Mark Cortaville didn’t quite achieve a PB but he was very close and still achieved an excellent time.

In other half marathon news we had 4 ladies running at the Forest of Dean half marathon, including Jane Tunicliffe doing her first half for over 4 years. All 4 of our ladies were within 11 minutes of each other too.

After a long injury lay off it was good to see Stewart Unsworth return to racing at the Brinkworth Bash 10K. He was taking it easy as a return race but he still came in around 56 minutes. Good to have the Bolton Bullet back.

It was a family affairs in Pembrokeshire where Richard Biggs ran the Dale 10k with his daughter. No taking it easy for the chairman though as he finished 10 minutes before her. Well done Dad.