Weekly Review – Week Ending 23rd September

It’s been a big mileage week as Craig Rumble, Stewart Unsworth and Carl Zalek took on the 102 miles of the Cotswold Way by doing the Cotswold Way Century Race.

Unfortunately it was not to be for any of them as Stewart decided to get lost in fog and missed the cut off at Painswick at 47 miles. And Carl and Craig both succumbed to the horrific weather (torrential rain and strong winds) and weren’t moving fast to keep warm, so Carl pulled out at 80 miles and Craig at 92 to avoid Hypothermia.

In happier news though, Timothy Wilen, Mark Cortaville, Becky Townsend and Julian Thornhill all completed the Bristol Half Marathon in similarly atrocious conditions.

Becky (1:55:26) and Julian (2:09:19) both achieved a PB.

And who would have thought that Jo Motto would actually be the one to race in the best conditions as she took on the Loch Ness Marathon in the Scottish highlands.