Cotswold Way Relay – WOW!

I have managed to fill the Cotswold Way Relay 3 teams in record time this year, I sent my request around 16:30 on Tuesday and had 30 volunteers within 16 hours and I also now have 5 reserves. It looks like we’re going to have a ladies team, a mixed team and a gents team (although it will have 1 lady in it).

If you would still like to volunteer (and there are a few regulars not in my 35) then that’s great as it will mean that we could either have 4 teams (which will increase our fee to around £8.50 each) or give us lots of options as injuries are likely.


Based on what everyone has told me, I have the 3 teams penciled in as follows: –

Leg 1 – Carl Zalek, Dave Bethune, Yuka Morrell

Leg 2 – Pierre Lacrouts, Dan Harman; Debra Kearsey

Leg 3 – Dave Mackie, Dave Aplin, Mo Maddock

Leg 4 – Alison Collins, Oscar Stringer, Stewart Unsworth

Leg 5 – Jon Morrell, Christine Bott, Lauren Edwards

Leg 6 – Lucy Bright, Craig Rumble, Danny Clenaghan

Leg 7 – Dave Camm, Diane Aldridge, Adrian Finch

Leg 8 – Carol Langley-Johnson, Jane Clarke, Laura Sheppard

Leg 9 – Max Luff, Richard Biggs, Jane Tunnicliffe

Leg 10 – Georgina Taylor, Chris Hunt, Simon Ratcliff

Reserves – Rachel Cannon, Lee Davis, Alan Kember, Steve Parham, Carly Corlett


Any problems then please let me know by emailing or through Facebook.