Cotswold Way Relay 2017

I am looking for volunteers for the COTSWOLD WAY RELAY.

For those of you unaware, the Cotswold Way Relay is a 10 stage relay race along the length of the Cotswold Way from Chipping Campden (on the Worcestershire/Gloucestershire border) to Bath Abbey.

The website hasn’t been updated for 2017 but the date is always the last Saturday in June so it will be June 24th this year.

The legs range in length from 7-13 miles and they’re all hilly and cross country. We place no emphasis on ability and everyone is welcome to join in, even if you just want to walk it. It is self navigation but with 100 teams entering, the opportunities to get lost are minimal. The route is pretty well signposted; certainly much better than my first year; and many people will do a recce beforehand.

Speak to me or anyone who has run it before and they’ll all tell you what a great event this is.

We are hoping to enter 3 teams again this year and the committee have agreed to fund £250 so the costs will be between £4-£5 each if we get 3 teams or probably free if we get 2 teams.

I’d love to get a ladies team this year and the biggest challenge for that is the longer legs, especially further north, so if you’re one of our long distance ladies and don’t mind getting up at silly hours then please volunteer for leg 1, 2 or 4 especially.

As some people missed out last year,there will be some priorities for those but if you are interested then please email me at or speak to me on club night or message me on Facebook and I’ll make a note of everything and try and squeeze you all in.

I plan to have the teams mostly sorted by the end of next month so let me know ASAP.

Carl Zalek