It’s All in the Head! by Jane Clarke

So I was out running my 5km for the Not The Club Championship and it hit me the difference in what my mind was doing in comparison to what happens in Vicky Henderson-Cooper’s head from a race report she did recently.
She has focus. My head on the other hand was full of all sorts of stuff, most of it had nothing to do with what my legs were doing! I have put my busy thought filled head into categories!

The Inner critic/self doubter: “Careful now, If you go all out now you will never get up the final hill, you don’t want to go too hard, wait a bit longer before you go for it!”
Unrealistic cheerleader: “You are running so well, if you keep this up you will be faster than ever, then you can train harder and enter more races, then you will win a trophy!”
Menu selector: ” what do I fancy for tea, what can I cook with those sausages, I am really bored of making lunches, I wonder if the kids could do it….actually I haven’t made a cake in ages, I will do that”
Logistics; ” so once I finish this run, I need to pick up my order, drop off that birthday card, read those papers for work, oh I haven’t rang my mum, when can I do that?”
People thinking:”it was nice to see Ruth she looked well, I hope she gets that new job, I wonder how she will juggle that”

It’s hardly surprising I wasn’t focusing on pushing hard round that corner and down that hill, my head was spinning. So much for a mindful run where you are in the moment completely focused. They are rare for me, my last one was my under 50 minutes 10Km attempt, any drifting of thoughts saw a drop in speed and I quickly pulled my head back to the job in hand! So I have realised I do this busy head running alot. I know running is super for clearing your head as you sieve through your jobs/problems and figure out how to address them, but sometimes I just need to focus on being completely in my body, in my run right now. I wonder what your thought categories are and how successful you are at focusing on you and just your run. Anyway wish me luck for the next 5km effort, I aim not to write the weekly shop or draft an article for CRC review!