Weekly Review – Week Ending 24th May

As we reach 2 months of lockdown and closer to our rejoining together, our runners continue to keep running solo or in socially distant pairings. We’re up to 1,884 miles this week, 356 runs and 8 runners going out at least once a day on average, and Chris Hunt managed 22 runs!Dave Townsend is the king of virtual racing and this weekend did the 10 mile twister. In his words – Another event similar to the 10K I ran earlier this month – every 25m height gained take 1 min off the finishing time. This proved beneficial as 389m of climbing translates as 15 min off which gave me a lightning fast adjusted time of 66 1/2 mins! Unlikely to be repeated in the ‘real ‘ world but this is a virtual race after all. And a great morale booster for these uncertain times. After Jane Clarke’s weekly session, the Scoop Inn hosted its first quiz night as Jake Gregory led us in a Family Fortunes quiz with 15 questions 5 answers each.Jake was assisted by Ben Gregory using a frankly terrifying Countdown Clock as we rushed to write 5 answers in the 30 seconds.Scoring was two points for getting the top answer and one point for any other so 6 points available on each question.
It was a great quiz enjoyed by all (especially Jane Clarke who was happy not to be bottom) with some good laughter flying around at questions such as ‘Name something you can get dirty?’ and ‘Name something you can spread?’. And we’re all left wondering what Richard Biggs would like to keep in his bathroom.
There was a tie at the top between Jan & Mark Forsyth and Wendy & Graham Byrne. A final question set by Charlie Berry (as the lowest scorer) was how many chickens were in his back garden. The Forsyths guessed 42 and the Byrnes went for 16 and with the actual answer being 48, the Forsyths were the champions.The One Mile Club have reached Plymouth on their 1,000 mile trek from John O’Groats to Land’s End. That’s 884 miles, so only need to do 116 miles in the final week. They’ve also raised £1,530. Eleven children have done 30 miles or more and Sophia Hunt has done 45 miles. Another 14 have done 20 miles or more.