Weekly Review – Week Ending 17th May

As lockdown has been eased slightly, we seem to have run marginally less this week, although there are a good number of home parkruns. We also had our regularly scheduled session with Jane and the Scoop Inn. It’s good to keep in contact whatever way we can.

I must apologise to Tom Frost as I missed an incredible achievement from him last week but it’s never too late to be included.

Tom and his former soldier friend Adam Commons spent 12 hours running around Swindon’s Great Western Hospital finishing their 50 mile run (100 laps) to coincide with the 8PM clap and raising thousands of pounds for the hospital.

The full story can be found on Swindon Advertiser

The kids of One Mile Club have reached Cambridge soon to be heading West to Land’s End on 618.75 miles as of Friday afternoon and the fundraising efforts have reached the target as they sit at £1,360. Many of the children have reached 20 miles (and are continuing to do more) including the Boore children who were on BBC Radio Wiltshire on Wednesday morning at about 3:45 on the link after Humphry had been on an hour earlier. The story has also been featured in the Bath and Wiltshire Parent.