Weekly Review – Week Ending 3rd November

It’s wet and it’s windy which means it’s definitely November and that means that it’s our latest club championship event – Over the Hills, run by our friends from AVR. We had 15 members running and conditions were so treacherous that the race went over the bridge rather than through the river at the bottom of Iford manor. I’m sure everyone was gutted by that decision. One of our members did manage to pick up a prize and I’m sure it won’t come as a surprise to anyone that it was Laura Midwinter taking home the V45. Congratulations again.

Mark Cortaville ran the Marlow Half Marathon where it has a local reputation as a really tough one and anything under 1:45 is seen as an excellent which Mark managed that with about 7 minutes to spare.

And the only other racer this weekend was Chris Hunt at the Gloucester 24 hour track race. Yes, that is as bad as it sounds, 24 hours around a 400 metre track and in Gloucester! The track has history though as in 1982, it was the home of the 24 hour world record and what is still the current British record of 170.974 miles (274.48 km). Chris wasn’t aiming for a record though, his plan was to get to 100 miles, something he’s tried previously but not quite achieved. 100 miles would be 402.25 laps and Chris’ tactic was to just keep moving and never to sit down. After 23 hours and 6 minutes, Chris decided not to go any further having managed 405 laps! An extra 2.75 laps just to make sure and an official distance of 100.66 miles/162km. Huge congratulations to you Chris.