Weekly Review – Week Ending 27th October

Unlike me our runners never rest.

The latest club championship event took place in Calne with the clock change challenge 10K. 15 runners from CRC took part and at least 8 of them got a PB.

Dave Townsend by over 90 seconds, Richard Moore, James Shaw, Lois Norcott and Chris Cooke. John Wilmott went under 40 minutes for the first time, although isn’t in the photo again. Laura Midwinter got a PB while winning the V45 category (where Vicky Henderson was second). Jake Gregory was aiming for 55 minutes and was nearly 2 minutes quicker than that. And while Chris Hunt didn’t get a PB he did his first race under 7 minute mile pace for many a year.

5 of our members had also raced the spring version of this event, with Lois Norcott (4:09), Chris Hunt (1:24) and James Shaw (2:24) all being quicker with Pete Allen and John Voyez marginally slower by only 5 and 1 second each.

If I was to say 10 miles and 1,500 feet of climbing at the Stickler, you’d immediately think of the Mackies and probably Debra Kearsey and if I was to say it was in Dorset too then you’d probably add Richard Biggs in too and you’d be perfectly correct as the 4 of them did the Dorset Stickler.

They may have moved on from Corsham but the Luffs are still members and did their local half marathon at Stroud. And in Max’s words – No finishing times that either of us are particularly proud of but…Michael & I got out, started & finished the Stroud HM today. Sometimes you just have to be grateful to be able to take part!

In another game of guess who, the clues are Exmoor Half Marathon, was actually around 14 miles, lots of big hills again and it included a mandatory kit. I’m sure you’ve correctly guessed that it was Andrew Wood who took part in it. Well done to him and also to you if you guessed correctly.

Marie Vinolo-Young ran with her JMS crew friends but I think we can forgive that as she gets them to run our races. This time she was doing the DB Max Mud Nation, 5kms of mud and obstacles in just over an hour.