Weekly Review – Week Ending 13th October

This was definitely a week for pushing out of your comfort zone.

We had 6 runners taking part in the Run With No Witty Name 50K. 3 of them were Becky Townsend, Helen Ashworth and John Ashworth. All of whom were doing their first ultra.

This photo is before they started and got soaked through.

Also testing themselves were Craig Rumble and David Warren at the Snowdon Ultra. 50 miles of hills and rocks and hills and mud and hills and weather and hills. They ran together and finished in equal 19th place.

Damian Hall was also running around the hills, coming 2nd at the Lakes in a Day ultra. This was also 50 miles of hills and rocks and mud.

Just going further or going up and down big hills isn’t the only way to test yourself and we had some fantastic performances at shorter distances too.

First up was Laura Midwinter, who came 1st at the AVR Wiltshire Half Marathon and set a PB. Laura is going to need an extension to the mantelpiece soon.

Dave Townsend also took part in a half marathon at the Windsor Lakeside around the Olympic Rowing Lake at Eton Dorney. He just missed out on a PB, but a great run all the same.

There was also a narrow miss of a PB for Katharine Burrett at the Grittleton 10K. Lois Norcott (54:07) and Rebecca Edwards (48:13) did both get a PB.

Thursday night saw another chance for people to move out of their comfort zone as we had the full moon run from Bradford-on-Avon. Of course, Lois Norcott and Katharine Burrett joined us for the first time, hopefully we’ll see them again next month with many other new people as we run from Heddington.