Weekly Review – Week Ending 6th October

Corsham Running Club has pulled together yet again to help put on a running event at the Marshfield Mudlark.

David Bethune has been the race director for many years and always puts on a great event. With the preceding weeks of rain, the course certainly lived up to the mud part of the name but David had managed to find the only sunny day available and the spectacular views could be appreciated by all.

Only 3 runners from Corsham were involved but many, many more volunteers helped the smooth running, well done to everyone.

It was a family affair again for Richard Biggs as he ran the same event as his daughter Caty for the second week running. This time they were at the Cardiff half marathon, where CRC were also represented by Gareth Evan’s.

The Bournemouth running festival saw two of our members at the marathon as Ade Hurren finished in just over 3:10 (only 3 minutes behind the M55 winner) ad Jo Gill timed her finish to perfection at 3:59:56.

Also at Bournemouth there was a PB for Timothy Wilen in the half marathon of 1:34:30.

And that was not the only PB of the weekend as Charlie Berry finished the Cricklade 10K in 50:22. I’m sure it won’t be long before breaking the 50 minute barrier.

Also in running action this week we had Daniel Parker at the Westbury 10K and Chris Hunt at the Saltmarsh Ultra 75k (although just over 80 in reality).

This week also saw the first week of our transition month at training sessions where the emphasis is on encouraging people to try the next group up if they feel they want to. Many people did and it was a successful couple of evenings. Hopefully more people will keep trying it and increase their confidence.

And finally, it has been said before that CRC are a food and drink club that likes a spot of running. This would explain why 15 people jumped at the chance to have a short run around Holt followed by a tour of the Box Steam Brewery who support our 10K and Hazelbury Hurrah! events.

Organised by David Mackie, the event went down well although not as well as the taster samples.