Slaughterford 9

What a fantastic start to this years Championship racing,  Corsham Running Club were certainly out in force today and looking at the results there are fantastic times from all our members.  Whether you did the race for time or just personal achievement you were all awesome, for those who may have doubted there was any mud believe me there was plenty of it. Thank you to those who took the time to come along and support us all at various places around the course. It is and always will be a pleasure to run with you all and our thanks to Jon Morrell who organised the post run curry as his final social engagement.

Be Seen, Be Safe

Following an email we have received from a Corsham resident where a runner in Corsham narrowly avoided being struck by a car in a poorly lit area, could we remind you that when out running at this time of year to wear some Hi Viz clothing, lights or anything that will make you visible to others.  Like your family and friends we at Corsham Running Club want you to Be Seen & Be Safe.