Weekly Review – Week Ending 30th August

It’s another week over, lots of miles, lots of runs, lots of club sessions with many members in attendance. We also seemed to have many club members climbing Snowdon during the week (The Hibles, the Morrells and the Zaleks)There is an actual race this week as Steve Watts did the DBMax Castle Combe Beer & Wine Day 10K. He missed out on a sub-50 by just 4 seconds. Fantastic run Steve.Regular readers may remember that 5 weeks ago Stewart Unsworth attempted to run 100 miles in one go, doing laps around Cherhill, he stopped at 50 miles and started training for a second attempt.This weekend was that attempt. He had some support from the Mackies and I visited him too. He was in fine spirits and moving well. He definitely beat his previous attempt but if you want to find out whether or not he got to 100 miles, you’ll have to wait for the report he promised me.And finally – During lockdown, I have attempted to keep the weekly review going. At the start we had lots of online activities and many people were still doing their miles. Then we had virtual races and we started to get back to club sessions.However, it has been more and more difficult to find things to go into the weekly review so until things get back to some semblance of normal, I’m going to move to monthly reviews, on the last Monday of each month.Please continue to let me know of the races and activities you’re up to in the meantime, either by email or posting it on Facebook.