Weekly Review – Week Ending 9th August

We have had a race! This is not a drill, we’ve had a race (of sorts). We had 2 racers and I’m sure if I gave you 3 guesses you’d probably get the 2, David Mackie and Andrew Wood.

The race was the Four Fans Fell Time Trial. The organisers used an app to time when people start and hit the four checkpoints, one on each of the Four Fans – Fan Frynych, Fan Nedd, Fan Llia, Fan Fawr. It was a hot day for both of our competitors, especially as it was 11 miles of up and down, 3,900ft, but David did enjoy the opportunity to dip his feet in the streams.

One of the benefits of summer running with CRC is our away run programme and we had our first one this week as 2 groups ran from Monkton Farleigh. The 10 spaces were booked up very quickly and they had a fantastic evening for it.

The whole club is enjoying the sunshine as we did 1,617 miles this week.