Weekly Review – Week Ending 10th May

It’s another week of record mileage and activities as we’re up to 367 totalling 1,954 miles. And we also had 8 people who managed at least 7 runs this week. And we had our regular parkrunners as always, keeping up the Saturday morning ritual.

We had another 2 virtual races this week.

Dave Townsend did the 10K Twister and in his own words – A virtual 10K with a difference – for every 25m climb you take a minute off your finishing time. So with 300 metres of ascent my modest 56 min 16s becomes 44.16 – a PB for this year! Fantastic time.

David and Susan Mackie (or Damian Fall and Nicky Slinks) did the Lakeland Trails Stay at Home Staveley virtual race, finishing in a 1-2 and inspired by some of Inov-8’s finest athletes.

And the real Damian Hall also did his own version of it too on a similar route.

The One Mile Club are continuing their trek down the United Kingdom and are now at 375 miles and are into England. Are more importantly, the fundraising is up to £1,165. Please donate HERE

The One Mile Club and some of our members commemorated the 75th anniversary of VE Day by doing a scavenger hunt and looking for something representing each of the letters. Their efforts can be seen at the bottom of this post.

Vicky and Stuart Henderson tried something to keep their run interesting, as they found 16 post boxes in a 14 mile run.

We of course had our regularly scheduled Thursday night activities of the class with Jane Clarke and then a virtual meeting at the Scoop Inn, both are keeping steady numbers but there’s always room for more so come and join in.

And now I hand over to two other members for some important updates-

A note from Jan Forsyth, the Welfare Officer:

I hope you are all keeping well both physically and mentally during this difficult time and finding something to keep you active, be it running, cycling, PE with Joe, Strength and Conditioning with our lovely Jane Clarke or even a walk around the block! Looking at Strava, it is great to see how many of our members are managing to get out in some way or another. I feel it is important to say that if you aren’t able to run your usual miles or effort sessions right now then you are not alone. But rest assured CRC will have something to suit everyone in terms of group sessions when we finally get back together again in person.

If you are out running alone please do remember to always carry a form of ID on you, just in case you have a fall or become unwell. If you are registered for Parkrun, they do a bar code tag for less than £5.00 with personal ID on it which simply attaches to your shoe laces, many Garmin watch/devices have a ICE page which you can fill in. Alternatively, you can carry your phone in an arm band or waist band bag – these don’t have to cost much and if purchasing online, most will let you know which phones fit in them!

Keep well everyone and I really look forward to seeing you all again once it is safe for us to do so!

CRC Championship update from the Club Captains:

England Athletics have suspended all athletics competitions in England to the 30 Jun 2020, and it is anticipated that a further update will be issued shortly.

The list below shows the races that have been affected by COVID-19.

  • Bowood 10K – Virtual Race
  • Devizes Half Marathon – Rescheduled 4th October
  • Westbury 5K series – May/June cancelled
  • Compton Bassett 5 – Rescheduled 23rd August
  • Great Chalfield 10K – Cancelled
  • Hilly Helmet – Virtual Race
  • Steeple Ashton 5K – Cancelled
  • Endure 24/Cotswold Way Relay/Avon Valley Relay – Cancelled.

Those races that have become Virtual Races will no longer count towards the CRC 2020 Championship, if you do still wish to take part in a virtual race we as a club fully support this and look forward to seeing your results and even race reports if you have to time to compose one. We would like to encourage our members to still support the Virtual Hilly Helmet race as this event raises vital funds for the Brain Tumour Support Charity, for those that do, please remember to upload your race picture (with helmets) onto our Facebook page.

Once we understand how the remaining years races will be impacted, the committee will make a decision to how we adapt. Take Care all and safe running. Regards, Carl & Laura