Weekly Review – Week Ending 26th April

It’s a sad time at CRC as it should have been the Corsham 10K this weekend and obviously it didn’t take place. Luckily it’s been rescheduled for September 27th so Corsham 10K 2020 will hopefully still happen.

In total our members had another record breaking week on Strava, again we had exactly 100 members (I’m starting to think that Strava only shows the top 100), doing 1,948 miles in 349 activities (both records) and again we had 7 members doing at least 7 activities.

Some people did run the 10K route though as it was a glorious day again as we’re usually fortunate with the weather, even when the race doesn’t happen.

This weekend should also have seen the London marathon, which Stuart Henderson didn’t want to miss out on, so he did a loop from home. One bonus of not doing an official race was that he was able to stop and enjoy the scenery and take some pictures.

It did mean that Stuart didn’t do his weekly back garden parkrun. However Richard Biggs kept up his streak with Gastard parkrun #5.

Thursday evening again saw the exercise session with Jane Clarke (and Milly) and then all round to the virtual pub, The Scoop Inn, where we were joined by some chicks courtesy of Charlie Berry.

Jane Clarke has not only been promoting our well being on a Thursday evening, she has also been promoting CRC on Radio Wiltshire, talking about all of the great things we’ve been doing while our regular activities have been cancelled. Fast forward to around 1:46 to hear Jane’s interview on BBC Wiltshire (only available until 25th May)

There are many children of CRC members who are members of the One Mile Club and Humphry has rallied them to raise money for NHS charities. The idea is for 50 children to run 20 miles over 40 days, either as a single mile every other day, a half mile every day or any combination really that gets you to 20 miles.

Hopefully this will mean that overall the club will run 1,000 miles in the 40 days. If you’d like to sponsor them then please go to the LINK HERE