Weekly Review – Week Ending 29th December

It’s that tricky time around Christmas when we all feel guilty that we should run more but then we often just think we’d rather dip into the chocolates instead so it’s great to see a few people did some racing this week.

We had 4 members in Warminster doing the 12.5 mile Plain Crazy event. A decent amount of climbing meant it was an ideal race for David Mackie, his 50th of the year! A champion innings.

We also had 4 members chasing the Gingerbread Man at Uffcott near Swindon. This race is definitely something a little different. Everyone is chasing a costumed gingerbread man and if you run, run as fast as you can, then actually you can catch him. You have about 5 miles to chase him down and 3 of our runners did manage it. And for your efforts you get an edible medal.

We had 3 people running at the Wye Valley Wander where John Hible took home the junior* prize of beer! Well done to John and also to his dad Steve and Caroline Cozier.

*juniors go up to 20 at Wye Wander, it’s not just the Welsh doing things differently.

The Luffs still like to run for Corsham even though they’ve moved to Gloucestershire where they did the Gloucester 10 and they also found Jo Motto doing the same race.

Christmas is also a time to be social and as such we have our 2 annual joint runs with our friends from Chippenham Harriers. We had the Castle Combe run on Christmas Eve, with multiple groups, distances and speeds there is something for everyone and there were huge numbers enjoying the countryside together and then returning to the car park for mulled wine and cakes.

Boxing Day was a much quieter affair at the Slaughterford 9 route, with the hardcore runners only.

And then there is Christmas day itself, where parkrun has become a tradition for many people. The Hendersons were first to do a Christmas Day parkrun as they’re on honeymoon in New Zealand so got a head start.

Chippenham parkrun had a new record as nearly 500 people took part. CRC had a number of members there running AND volunteering. Lots of people like to dress up in Santa hats or similar and some go just a little further than that.