Weekly Review – Week Ending 21st July

This week we’ve had mountains and ultras, club championships and away runs.

Our latest batch of beginners completed their 10th and final run during the week. It’s been a great group and we look forward to seeing their progression from here.

First off though, they have their graduation run at Chippenham parkrun on Saturday 27th, which includes the pancreatic cancer tutu run. So bring your tutus and support our beginners. It is a club championship event.

While the beginners were doing there last session, most of the club were enjoying the beautiful views around the Cherhill monument and White Horse. Thanks to Stewart Unsworth for organising.

Stewart didn’t push himself too hard as he was tapering for the Grim Reaper at the weekend. This is a 100 mile race, with 10 laps of 10 miles and a very tight 25 hour time limit.

Unfortunately, Stewart realised at the end of his 5th lap after 12 hours 30, that he wasn’t going to get to the full 100 miles. However, this was no reason to stop and he completed another 3 laps for a total of 80 miles. Very impressive to keep going when the big goal has gone.

Stewart had to do at least 80 miles to top the CRC Strava leaderboard for the first time. Usually it is topped by Damian Hall and thus weekend he came 7th in the Eiger Trail 100K. A 62 mile loop around some Swiss mountains, starting and finishing in the town or Grindelwald. One for the Harry Potter fans.

Andrew Wood was also playing in the mountains at the International Snowdon Race. This one is a little shorter at just over 9 miles but it started at Llanberis and ran straight up to the summit of Mount Snowdon before turning round and retracing your footsteps back to Llanberis.

Mark Cortaville did the Frome 10K and even posted about it on Facebook so I could take the photo of his medal. Thanks Mark.

Sunday saw the Colerne Under the Posts 5 mile race in our club championship for the first time. There were 9 Corsham runners taking part with John Wilmott (who missed the team photo) leading the way. Well done to all of CORSHAM TEAM.

And finally, in a blatant abuse of power, I’d like to congratulate Oscar Zalek, for becoming only the 2nd child (and first of a CRC member), to achieve 200 miles at the One Mile Club. It’s taken 6 years and he’s only missed 4 sessions in that time. Well done son.