Weekly Review – Week Ending 17th March


What a fantastic weekend for our members. PBs falling everywhere, support and teamwork on display and a huge testament to your commitment to training.

I’ll start with the slightly smaller attended races.

First up was the Fission 20/20. A choice between either a 20km or 20 mile event and we had one at each. Jo Motto did the 20km version and made some new friends on the way round, which is always good to see. Chris Hunt did the 20 mile version.

Richard Biggs ran the Weymouth half marathon in about 1:50, not bad for an old geezer even if he does say so himself.

We had 3 of our members at the Reading half marathon, Dan Harman, Mark Cortaville and David Townsend. It was an especially impressive performance from Mark, he ran it as his second race 3 years ago and this weekend he was 42 minutes faster than he had been in 2016.

We also had 2 other runners who ran 20 miles this weekend. Tom Frost and Stewart Unsworth both did the Gloucester 20. One in 7 minute miles and one at 8 minute miles. An exceptional performance from both.

And the last race I’m going to mention is the Bath Half Marathon. With 35 members taking part (a sixth of our membership) it was our biggest race of the year so far and our best attended half marathon EVER!

We had 3 runners who completed it in under 1:20 and all finished in the top 140. We also had a large number of people who were doing their first half marathon and equally putting in a huge effort.

And of course we had Matt Wills who ran the whole way in his Minion costume and still managed to keep under 10 minute mile pace.

I’ll put some more photos I stole from Facebook at the bottom.

I have counted 26 Personal Bests from our runners over the weekend. Some as it was their first time at a distance and some just chopping away at their time.

Tom Frost and Stewart Unsworth at 20 miles

David Townsend and Mark Cortaville (5 minutes) at Reading Half

I don’t normally mention Parkrun but Sue Mackie got a 5k PB.

And we had 21 at Bath Half.

Lois Norcott (23 minutes!)

Natalie Inman (14 minutes)

Katharine Burrett (12 minutes)

Craig Rumble (4 minutes and breaking 1:20)

Adrian Finch (also set a 10K PB during the half)

Caroline Cozier (22 seconds, it all counts)

And Laura Di Pisa, Kathryn Roynon, Jo Hussey, Rachel Lightfoot, Rachael Dark, Alison King, Lynda Brown, Jane Hanson, Sally Ball, Paula Clarke, Katie Rawlings, Heather Farragher, Michaela Curtis, Mark Forsyth, John Hillman.

Now that the half marathon has passed, some of you will be wondering what’s next as that was a culmination. Some of you will be looking at other half marathons (after saying never again yesterday afternoon) as you’d like to see how fast you can go, some might be thinking about going further or sticking to shorter stuff. Some may find their mojo will wane over the coming weeks and months. Just remember that you’ll always be welcome at CRC whatever you decide to do.

Addendum: We received an email at the club which should be included.

“Just wanted to pass a message on to the lovely ladies from your running club that I met at the start of the Bath half this weekend! I lost them when the race began but I hope they all did amazing, and just wanted to thank them so much for letting me stay with them at the start. I was running on my own and a bit nervous! There was a couple of ladies called Jo, and a Racheal? But I can’t remember any of the others…it was a long day! I’d be so grateful if you could pass the message on… and tell them I did it in 2:18:03!!!
Thank you 🙂


It was Jo Hussey, Rachel Lightfoot, Alison King and Kathryn Roynon. We’re all proud of you ladies.