Weekly Review – Week Ending 10th February

Where do I start this week?

Whether it’s the latest visit of Bryan Clinton, the 10k speed sessions being run by Jane C, Dave M and Andrew or perhaps the enforced quiet weekend the week before we’ve posted some exceptional results this weekend.

I’ll start with the Wiltshire 10, where we had 16 members, from what I’ve been able to tell, 14 of them set a PB and I have my suspicions that the other 2 did as well. Lois Norcott and Katherine Burrett each took 20 minutes from their 2018 times, Susan Mackie took 15 minutes, Paula Clarke 10 minutes, Mark Cortaville 7 minutes, Angela Aplin 4 seconds.

Next up we’ll make the short journey to Bath where Marie Vinolo-Young did the Pipley Wood Mud Bath 10k (representing JMS but we can forgive her for that). There were 158 ladies in the race and Marie finished 1st despite having an injury. She also gained one at the end as an ember from the bonfire got her.

Andrew Wood made the trip North to Shropshire to do the Long Mynd Valleys Fell Race. Around 11 miles of big hills, but using the power of his snazzy pink gloves he took 12 minutes off his time from last year.

And on Saturday, Becky Townsend and Helen Ashworth made the trip to Avon in Wales where they ran the Winter Trail Half Marathon together. Again, hills may have been a feature.