Matt S.

I started out my running journey completing the couch to 5K programme, also incorporating regular short sessions with my neighbour.  This led me to look at ways that I could improve my running further. The obvious choice was to see what CRC could offer me.

Having tried out a couple of the 3-mile group sessions and then the C group sessions, I subsequently joined the club.  Everybody was very welcoming.

Having spent a couple of months running with C group, I then moved up to the B/C group.  This was a good move as my running really improved from this point onwards.

I was encouraged to enter my first race, which was the Corsham 10k. I completed it in a sub-60-minute time, which I thought would never be possible.

Once I had completed the Corsham 10K race, I was keen to try another race. Up next was the Hazelbury Hurrah. Again, with encouragement from club members I was ready to attempt my first off road race.

Towards the end of my first year with the club, I was thinking if there was any way that I could contribute. Without their support there would have been no question of me achieving this level of running fitness.

As it just so happened a club email was sent out asking if anybody would like to become a run leader, I put my name forward. To my surprise I was asked to become a run leader, which I was absolutely delighted about. Next came enrolment onto the UKA LIRF course.

Attending the course was a positive experience. The content provided me with an insight to the way the training sessions were held. After a brief period of studying and producing a final session video, again with lots of help from club members, I became a qualified LIRF run Leader.

Joining CRC has been one of the best decisions I have ever made.

It has opened the door to new opportunities that I would have never thought could be possible in my newfound sporting activity.

I would encourage anyone considering joining the club to do so without hesitation.