Weekly Review – Week Ending 14th June

It’s week 12 of lockdown and the club shows no signs of slowing down. We’ve managed 1,890 miles and 349 runs so around our usual numbers.

I didn’t find any virtual runs this week, but it looks like a couple of people continued their notparkrun streak. We also had our regularly scheduled class with Jane Clarke and the latest Scoop Inn quiz was hosted by Charlie Berry where he imparted his knowledge of chickens to the participants. Next week Jane Tunnicliffe is hosting the quiz, any guesses what her specialist subject will be?

This weekend would have been Endure 24 and in the next couple of weeks we’d have been due The Mob Match, Avon Valley Relay* and Cotswold Way Relay, all of which we’re missing. We’re also missing away runs and just training in the countryside on regular club nights.

While most of us are getting out on our own or in small sensible groups, I’m sure we’re all looking forward to the day when we can reconvene fully and meet everyone again. Rest assured that the committee are keeping in contact with England Athletics and as soon as it’s safe to do so, we’ll be back together.

*You should have received an email on Sunday night about the virtual AVR.

Weekly Review – Week Ending 7th June

After achieving 2,000 miles last week on Strava we were unlikely to manage it this week as Chris Hunt and John Wilmott both let us down only doing 70 miles between them instead of 207. We still managed to do 1,932 as a club which means that throughout this whole lockdown so far we’ve kept our averages up. Well done everyone, although there’s nothing wrong with taking some time off.

Humphry has confirmed the final total achieved by the One Mile Club. The 46 children ran 1,069.59 miles over the 40 days.

Some races have switched to a virtual version and this week Gary Young did the Poole Festival of Running Virtual 10K in 50:49. He’s still searching for that elusive sub-50 but it isn’t too far away now surely and it bodes well that he is so close when on his own.

Marie Vinolo-Young became our first member (as far as I’m aware) to complete the Virtual Hilly Helmet. 4 miles wearing a helmet to support the Brain Tumour Support Charity. Entries are still Open

And if you’d like to do a virtual event yourself as part of a Corsham Running Club team then keep an eye out for an email shortly from Susan Mackie with details of the Virtual Avon Valley Relay and looking for entrants.

This week Jane Clarke didn’t just do our strength and conditioning session on Thursday night as she also hosted the Scoop Inn Pub Quiz with her family. Round 1 was a True or False (set by William), round 2 was a picture round (set by Matt) and round 3 was Pot Luck (set by Jane).

The final question saw things get interesting as Jane asked for ‘Your best exercise for strengthening glutes’. There were no wrong answers but there were 5 bonus points for demonstrating your chosen move.

After all the displays, scores were totted up and for the third time, it was a couple who won, with the Mackies getting an impressive 28 out of a possible 30.

The quiz this week is being set by Charlie Berry and he has warned there may be a round on chickens so start swotting and join us at 8:05 on Zoom. Don’t forget to bring your partner if you want to win!

Weekly Review – Week Ending 31st May

There have been some phenomenal achievements this week.

First up, it’s a new record Strava mileage for the club as we got to 2,004 miles. Special thanks to Becky Townsend as when I first wrote this, we were at 1,997.

A large portion of the distance was due to Chris Hunt and John Wilmott. They were both taking part in the Centurion Running One Community virtual event.

Centurion Running asked people to sign up to run a certain distance across the week in one run or as many as you liked, 5K, 10K, Half Marathon, Marathon, 50K, 50M or 100 Miles. John and Chris were both signed up for the 100 Miles. Both achieved it on the Saturday and still went out for a short run on the Sunday with Chris doing 104.2 miles (including 56 treadmill) and John 103.9.

Chris also got his daughter Sophia involved doing the 10K, which she did non-stop in 56:38, 9 minutes off her previous time and it was also a great help for the One Mile Club 1,000 mile target.

And of course, that’s the other great achievement this week. We’re still waiting on the final total but on Monday the One Mile Club achieved their 1,000 mile target running from John O’Groats to Land’s End and raising £1,680 for NHS Charities Together. It isn’t too late to SPONSOR THEM.

While the initial plan was for 50 children to run 20 miles each, we had 46 children, many of whom ran much further than that.

Laura Midwinter has been racing in Barrow again (virtually), doing the Tidal Triple Series 2020 Half Marathon in 1:46. A very warm morning for it.

Our regular Thursday evening activities continue without fail. Jane Clarke led us in our regular stretches and then at the second Scoop Inn Pub Quiz, her and husband Matt took top spot with 18 points. It was good that one couple was in sync as someone else forget that their partner was the answer to one of the questions.

Andrew Wood hosted the quiz and very kindly posted a LINK to the questions. I understand that the top score is now 22, although that only counts for pride as you can’t replicate the pressure of a live quiz.

And finally, you may have noticed that Chris Hunt was wearing one of our new Corsham tops that Vicky Henderson has been delivering this week. Reviews are in and people seem to be impressed. There are some spares so please speak to Vicky on kit@corshamrunningclub.co.uk if you’d like to see if we have any available.

Weekly Review – Week Ending 24th May

As we reach 2 months of lockdown and closer to our rejoining together, our runners continue to keep running solo or in socially distant pairings. We’re up to 1,884 miles this week, 356 runs and 8 runners going out at least once a day on average, and Chris Hunt managed 22 runs!Dave Townsend is the king of virtual racing and this weekend did the 10 mile twister. In his words – Another event similar to the 10K I ran earlier this month – every 25m height gained take 1 min off the finishing time. This proved beneficial as 389m of climbing translates as 15 min off which gave me a lightning fast adjusted time of 66 1/2 mins! Unlikely to be repeated in the ‘real ‘ world but this is a virtual race after all. And a great morale booster for these uncertain times. After Jane Clarke’s weekly session, the Scoop Inn hosted its first quiz night as Jake Gregory led us in a Family Fortunes quiz with 15 questions 5 answers each.Jake was assisted by Ben Gregory using a frankly terrifying Countdown Clock as we rushed to write 5 answers in the 30 seconds.Scoring was two points for getting the top answer and one point for any other so 6 points available on each question.
It was a great quiz enjoyed by all (especially Jane Clarke who was happy not to be bottom) with some good laughter flying around at questions such as ‘Name something you can get dirty?’ and ‘Name something you can spread?’. And we’re all left wondering what Richard Biggs would like to keep in his bathroom.
There was a tie at the top between Jan & Mark Forsyth and Wendy & Graham Byrne. A final question set by Charlie Berry (as the lowest scorer) was how many chickens were in his back garden. The Forsyths guessed 42 and the Byrnes went for 16 and with the actual answer being 48, the Forsyths were the champions.

The One Mile Club have reached Plymouth on their 1,000 mile trek from John O’Groats to Land’s End. That’s 884 miles, so only need to do 116 miles in the final week. They’ve also raised £1,530. Eleven children have done 30 miles or more and Sophia Hunt has done 45 miles. Another 14 have done 20 miles or more.

Weekly Review – Week Ending 17th May

As lockdown has been eased slightly, we seem to have run marginally less this week, although there are a good number of home parkruns. We also had our regularly scheduled session with Jane and the Scoop Inn. It’s good to keep in contact whatever way we can.

I must apologise to Tom Frost as I missed an incredible achievement from him last week but it’s never too late to be included.

Tom and his former soldier friend Adam Commons spent 12 hours running around Swindon’s Great Western Hospital finishing their 50 mile run (100 laps) to coincide with the 8PM clap and raising thousands of pounds for the hospital.

The full story can be found on Swindon Advertiser

The kids of One Mile Club have reached Cambridge soon to be heading West to Land’s End on 618.75 miles as of Friday afternoon and the fundraising efforts have reached the target as they sit at £1,360. Many of the children have reached 20 miles (and are continuing to do more) including the Boore children who were on BBC Radio Wiltshire on Wednesday morning at about 3:45 on the link after Humphry had been on an hour earlier. The story has also been featured in the Bath and Wiltshire Parent.

Weekly Review – Week Ending 10th May

It’s another week of record mileage and activities as we’re up to 367 totalling 1,954 miles. And we also had 8 people who managed at least 7 runs this week. And we had our regular parkrunners as always, keeping up the Saturday morning ritual.

We had another 2 virtual races this week.

Dave Townsend did the 10K Twister and in his own words – A virtual 10K with a difference – for every 25m climb you take a minute off your finishing time. So with 300 metres of ascent my modest 56 min 16s becomes 44.16 – a PB for this year! Fantastic time.

David and Susan Mackie (or Damian Fall and Nicky Slinks) did the Lakeland Trails Stay at Home Staveley virtual race, finishing in a 1-2 and inspired by some of Inov-8’s finest athletes.

And the real Damian Hall also did his own version of it too on a similar route.

The One Mile Club are continuing their trek down the United Kingdom and are now at 375 miles and are into England. Are more importantly, the fundraising is up to £1,165. Please donate HERE

The One Mile Club and some of our members commemorated the 75th anniversary of VE Day by doing a scavenger hunt and looking for something representing each of the letters. Their efforts can be seen at the bottom of this post.

Vicky and Stuart Henderson tried something to keep their run interesting, as they found 16 post boxes in a 14 mile run.

We of course had our regularly scheduled Thursday night activities of the class with Jane Clarke and then a virtual meeting at the Scoop Inn, both are keeping steady numbers but there’s always room for more so come and join in.

And now I hand over to two other members for some important updates-

A note from Jan Forsyth, the Welfare Officer:

I hope you are all keeping well both physically and mentally during this difficult time and finding something to keep you active, be it running, cycling, PE with Joe, Strength and Conditioning with our lovely Jane Clarke or even a walk around the block! Looking at Strava, it is great to see how many of our members are managing to get out in some way or another. I feel it is important to say that if you aren’t able to run your usual miles or effort sessions right now then you are not alone. But rest assured CRC will have something to suit everyone in terms of group sessions when we finally get back together again in person.

If you are out running alone please do remember to always carry a form of ID on you, just in case you have a fall or become unwell. If you are registered for Parkrun, they do a bar code tag for less than £5.00 with personal ID on it which simply attaches to your shoe laces, many Garmin watch/devices have a ICE page which you can fill in. Alternatively, you can carry your phone in an arm band or waist band bag – these don’t have to cost much and if purchasing online, most will let you know which phones fit in them!

Keep well everyone and I really look forward to seeing you all again once it is safe for us to do so!

CRC Championship update from the Club Captains:

England Athletics have suspended all athletics competitions in England to the 30 Jun 2020, and it is anticipated that a further update will be issued shortly.

The list below shows the races that have been affected by COVID-19.

  • Bowood 10K – Virtual Race
  • Devizes Half Marathon – Rescheduled 4th October
  • Westbury 5K series – May/June cancelled
  • Compton Bassett 5 – Rescheduled 23rd August
  • Great Chalfield 10K – Cancelled
  • Hilly Helmet – Virtual Race
  • Steeple Ashton 5K – Cancelled
  • Endure 24/Cotswold Way Relay/Avon Valley Relay – Cancelled.

Those races that have become Virtual Races will no longer count towards the CRC 2020 Championship, if you do still wish to take part in a virtual race we as a club fully support this and look forward to seeing your results and even race reports if you have to time to compose one. We would like to encourage our members to still support the Virtual Hilly Helmet race as this event raises vital funds for the Brain Tumour Support Charity, for those that do, please remember to upload your race picture (with helmets) onto our Facebook page.

Once we understand how the remaining years races will be impacted, the committee will make a decision to how we adapt. Take Care all and safe running. Regards, Carl & Laura

Weekly Review – Week Ending 19th April

Another week has passed with no racing but still we’re keeping up with the running. Yet again we had exactly 100 runners, this time totalling 1,911 miles and 336 runs. Whether it was the beautiful weather at the start of the week, or the first wet days for weeks at the end, it was our highest totals since racing finished. We also had 7 runners who did at least one run a day.

Parkrun was sparsely attended this week (maybe the torrential downpour helped) with only Richard Biggs and his Gastard parkrun.

We did of course have our Thursday evening session with Jane Clarke (and Milly). They’ve got so popular that I had a request to join our Facebook group from someone wanting to be able to join in.

And after the exercise session, The Scoop Inn opened its doors for the first time on Zoom for everyone to connect with each other and catch up. Hopefully this will become a regular feature while we can’t meet together.

If you’ve applied for membership for 20/21 you should have received an email from Payzip requesting payment. Check your spam if you can’t find it, and if you’re sure you haven’t got it then please let Vicky Henderson know.

If you’ve forgotten to apply for membership then make sure you do HERE

Weekly Review – Week Ending 12th April

We’re now 4 weeks into our extended training block and we’re showing no signs of fatigue as 95 of us ran 1,787 miles (20 more than last week) and 8 people managed a daily exercise on average and I’m sure there are a lot of fit (and tired) dogs out there at the moment.

We had an exercise class hosted by Andrew Wood to show some squats etc. And Jane Clarke (without Milly) did her second Thursday night exercise class and thankfully everyone heard her loud and clear. David Bethune even found a noisy friend on one of his daily exercise runs and named it Jane, although he wouldn’t confirm which Jane it was named for.

With many races cancelled, a large number are encouraging virtual running so Laura Midwinter did the virtual egg-cellent adventure 2020 in Barrow.

Michael Fisher (and Disco) did the virtual Sugarloaf 10K race in the Black Mountains of Wales.

Stewart Unsworth completed the (Nearly) Bowood (Pewsham Estate) 10K Fun Run.

There was also the Carrock Feel Loop virtual race with full results which penalised you for going too far (Chris Hunt) or too much ascent (David Mackie)

The backyard parkrun is also seeing a surge in popularity. Vicky took the bragging rights for the Henderson Lacock parkrun this week beating Stuart by 7 seconds and finishing first overall. At Gastard parkrun #3, Catherine Macbeth became the first ever female finisher (and course record holder) joining Richard Biggs (at a responsible distance).

And while there are no official races, you can always race others on Strava. Jake Gregory set himself a challenge, he was 6 seconds off the Run Pheasant Run Strava segment for his age group (20-24) and wanted to break it. Not only did he break it, he smashed it, the record was 3:51, Jake has taken it down to 3:29. So there’s a challenge if we have anyone else that young in the club. Although he didn’t beat my time on the Neston challenge yet!

David Mackie saw no reason that just because we couldn’t be together we should miss out on our full moon run, so on Wednesday evening he organised that we could all view the Rose Full Moon as it rose around 20:30, he said to go for a run or a walk or anything and just share the moon together while apart.

Natalie shared it with her daughter which would have been more difficult on a regular club night. Becky Townsend was at the top of Little Solsbury Hill near where she lives so no unnecessary travel and some waited until Thursday morning to share the moon.

I’ve put the moon photos together at the bottom of this post.

If you’d like to share anything about a run or anything running related (or swimming or cycling or whatever), then I’m hoping to publish a story on our website every Tuesday and Thursday as long as I have something to post.

Please remember during these trying times to look after yourself. If you’re feeling lonely then please reach out to your friends. If you’re in isolation, then please let us know if you need anything. We can leave things on your doorstep.

Weekly Review – Week Ending 5th April

We’re still here and we’re still churning out the miles. Again this week we had exactly 100 different runners, running everything between 2 and 52 miles for a total of 1,767 miles. We had 7 runners who went out at least 7 times.

Leading the way timewise was Lucy Gillett who did a single run of 45 hours. It’s on Strava so it definitely happened!

The main event of the week was Jane Clarke leading an exercise regime and for the first time ever, being told she was too quiet. It was a great session and while it’s difficult to know exact number I estimate between 50-60 different people watching in total. We know who the real star of the show was.

I have recieved 4 race reports in the last couple of weeks and will be posting one each every Tuesday and Thursday so if you want to write a few words about a race you’ve run or indeed anything else that is running related like a book or film review then please send it to me.

Weekly Review – Week Ending 29th March

It’s a club championship weekend with the Bowood 10K but sadly the race didn’t happen.

We had exactly 100 runners this week clocking up an incredible 1,868 miles in 356 activities. 5 people managed to run 7 times this week, and another one ran more than that. I will just assume that the extra runs were all done before 20:30 on Monday as we’re all following the once a day guidelines.

The Bowood 10K organisers have allowed runners to claim their medals with a virtual 10K (just run one anywhere) and some took the opportunity. Jane Tunnicliffe, Caroline Cozier and Gary Young did it together (with suitable social distancing). It was a PB for Michael Fisher and Disco too.

Some people love parkrun and find it difficult to miss it, like Richard Biggs who organised their own; the inaugural Gastard parkrun and others like Stuart Henderson just run numerous laps around the garden until the Garmin reaches 3.1 miles.

Despite there being no races, our Facebook page had been busy. Becky Townsend took the chance for us all to think about why we started running. Some of the reasons

  • Entering a race and needing to train
  • Other friends ran (and were able to eat cake)
  • To fit into wedding dresses, or regain a body lost to children
  • To get fit or fitter
  • Saw CRC advertising beginners course

Whatever your reason for putting on your running shoes, we’re glad that you did and we’re glad that you joined us.

Christine Bott asked for photos which reminded us of why we love CRC and there were some great photos – Races, events, friends, trophies, food, sun and smiles, lots and lots of smiles!

While there were lots of smiles in the photos shared, we know that some of you may be struggling with isolation. Please reach out to your friends or the committee if you need any help. We’re all here for each other.