Weekly Review – Week Ending 7th June

After achieving 2,000 miles last week on Strava we were unlikely to manage it this week as Chris Hunt and John Wilmott both let us down only doing 70 miles between them instead of 207. We still managed to do 1,932 as a club which means that throughout this whole lockdown so far we’ve kept our averages up. Well done everyone, although there’s nothing wrong with taking some time off.

Humphry has confirmed the final total achieved by the One Mile Club. The 46 children ran 1,069.59 miles over the 40 days.

Some races have switched to a virtual version and this week Gary Young did the Poole Festival of Running Virtual 10K in 50:49. He’s still searching for that elusive sub-50 but it isn’t too far away now surely and it bodes well that he is so close when on his own.

Marie Vinolo-Young became our first member (as far as I’m aware) to complete the Virtual Hilly Helmet. 4 miles wearing a helmet to support the Brain Tumour Support Charity. Entries are still Open

And if you’d like to do a virtual event yourself as part of a Corsham Running Club team then keep an eye out for an email shortly from Susan Mackie with details of the Virtual Avon Valley Relay and looking for entrants.

This week Jane Clarke didn’t just do our strength and conditioning session on Thursday night as she also hosted the Scoop Inn Pub Quiz with her family. Round 1 was a True or False (set by William), round 2 was a picture round (set by Matt) and round 3 was Pot Luck (set by Jane).

The final question saw things get interesting as Jane asked for ‘Your best exercise for strengthening glutes’. There were no wrong answers but there were 5 bonus points for demonstrating your chosen move.

After all the displays, scores were totted up and for the third time, it was a couple who won, with the Mackies getting an impressive 28 out of a possible 30.

The quiz this week is being set by Charlie Berry and he has warned there may be a round on chickens so start swotting and join us at 8:05 on Zoom. Don’t forget to bring your partner if you want to win!