Roding Valley Half Marathon Report by Vicky Henderson.

Very late to the party but, I took part in the Roding Valley Half Marathon on Sunday 8th March  It’s disappointing to see how numbers have dwindled over the years and I don’t think it’s anything to do with Covid-19, just a general decline in club racing at this particular race;  as such, the quality wasn’t as high as some halves.  I also suspect coming a week after the Essex 20 and the Big Half didn’t help their cause.  Apparently back in the 90s, they used to get numbers of 1200, 2018 when I last took part there were just over 400 finishers and this year, 316 participants. 

I had forgotten just how hilly this course is and believe there to be a hill in every mile and an extra one for good luck – not just the 3 or 4 I remember!  This race starts and finishes on a track which I particularly like and consists of one small loop and two larger loops; the conditions were fair, little bit of wind but manageable. 

I wasn’t really running with anyone but did try and keep a couple of blokes in sight.  Towards the end, I was able to pull back one place but going downhill on the pavement, I thought a car was going to pull out on me so slowed, which annoyingly interrupted my rhythm and a guy came sprinting past me.  I had borrowed a watch due to mine not having enough charge in it (left charger at home, school girl error) and whilst I was able to see splits, I didn’t actually have a clue what overall pace I was running at.  I was pleasantly surprised when I came around the corner on the track and saw the clock in the 1.32s.  Pleased to report that I finished 1st lady in 1.32.27 – 17 seconds slower than my 2018 time (but quite consistent nonetheless!).