Weekly Review – Week Ending 12th April

We’re now 4 weeks into our extended training block and we’re showing no signs of fatigue as 95 of us ran 1,787 miles (20 more than last week) and 8 people managed a daily exercise on average and I’m sure there are a lot of fit (and tired) dogs out there at the moment.

We had an exercise class hosted by Andrew Wood to show some squats etc. And Jane Clarke (without Milly) did her second Thursday night exercise class and thankfully everyone heard her loud and clear. David Bethune even found a noisy friend on one of his daily exercise runs and named it Jane, although he wouldn’t confirm which Jane it was named for.

With many races cancelled, a large number are encouraging virtual running so Laura Midwinter did the virtual egg-cellent adventure 2020 in Barrow.

Michael Fisher (and Disco) did the virtual Sugarloaf 10K race in the Black Mountains of Wales.

Stewart Unsworth completed the (Nearly) Bowood (Pewsham Estate) 10K Fun Run.

There was also the Carrock Feel Loop virtual race with full results which penalised you for going too far (Chris Hunt) or too much ascent (David Mackie)

The backyard parkrun is also seeing a surge in popularity. Vicky took the bragging rights for the Henderson Lacock parkrun this week beating Stuart by 7 seconds and finishing first overall. At Gastard parkrun #3, Catherine Macbeth became the first ever female finisher (and course record holder) joining Richard Biggs (at a responsible distance).

And while there are no official races, you can always race others on Strava. Jake Gregory set himself a challenge, he was 6 seconds off the Run Pheasant Run Strava segment for his age group (20-24) and wanted to break it. Not only did he break it, he smashed it, the record was 3:51, Jake has taken it down to 3:29. So there’s a challenge if we have anyone else that young in the club. Although he didn’t beat my time on the Neston challenge yet!

David Mackie saw no reason that just because we couldn’t be together we should miss out on our full moon run, so on Wednesday evening he organised that we could all view the Rose Full Moon as it rose around 20:30, he said to go for a run or a walk or anything and just share the moon together while apart.

Natalie shared it with her daughter which would have been more difficult on a regular club night. Becky Townsend was at the top of Little Solsbury Hill near where she lives so no unnecessary travel and some waited until Thursday morning to share the moon.

I’ve put the moon photos together at the bottom of this post.

If you’d like to share anything about a run or anything running related (or swimming or cycling or whatever), then I’m hoping to publish a story on our website every Tuesday and Thursday as long as I have something to post.

Please remember during these trying times to look after yourself. If you’re feeling lonely then please reach out to your friends. If you’re in isolation, then please let us know if you need anything. We can leave things on your doorstep.